About MMS (Family Business and Entrepreneurship)

The Master of Management Studies (MMS) in Family Business & Entrepreneurship is contextualized to the needs of family businesses. It is an innovative two years program designed to prepare incumbents of family businesses with the knowledge, skills and attitude required to tackle challenges that are unique to family managed businesses.

Objectives of MMS (Family Business & Entrepreneurship):

  • Develop family business successors as enterprising and knowledgeable owners
  • Inculcate important skills and competencies of managing a business enterprise
  • Develop understanding for real life business situtations and business practices
  • Develop a competent entrepreneur and a successful business executive of tomorrow
  • Provide networking opportunities among potential enterpreneurs and their experienced counterparts

Why Chose MMS (Family Business & Entrepreneurship):

  • Skill focused and Customized Curriculam
  • Experienced learning through continous level of engagement
  • Innovative teaching Pedagogy
  • Intensive use hypen learning
  • Regular interaction with renowned enterpreneurs
  • Workshop based module
  • International Emersion
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Block system for giving more concentrated experience of subjects


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