GCeMP 2k19 - International Conference - 4-5 January, 2019

Faculty of Management Studies, Ganpat University announces "International Conference on Emerging Perspectives, Practices and Research Trends on Sustainable Development and Growth" on 4 - 5 JANUARY, 2019. 

Research papers, conceptual papers (review of literature) and cases are invited from academicians, management consultants, research scholars, practicing managers and management students, relevant to the theme of the conference. This conference aims to provide a platform to present and discuss latest developments and applications related to Sustainable Development.

With an objective to provide equal opportunity to draft quality research papers to beginners / fresh researchers / research associates the Pre – GCeMP Workshop on Research Paper Writing (December 15 – 16, 2018) has designed. The workshop will provide a training on How to write research paper for reputed research journals, Theoretical framework of research, Literature Review, Research Methodology and application of SPSS software in solving Market Research Problems.

Some of the promising areas have been identified to be discussed in the conference. However, the list is indicative and not exhaustive. The papers can be developed by incorporating the themes within also.

Themes & Sub Themes

Economic Sustainability, development and growth

Financial Sustainability, Microfinance, International Trade, Business Ethics, Management Information System, Marketing, Organizational Behavior and Industrial Relations, Project Management, Small and Medium Enterprises, Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, Technology Management, Sustainable industrialization, Innovation, sustainable consumption and production patterns 

Environmental Sustainability, development and growth:  Conservation of resources, Healthcare, Renewable Energies, Green Technologies, Urban Planning, Clean energy, Climate and climatic changes, Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental policy, Energy Policy Planning & Management, Hazardous waste and waste treatment, Recycling technologies

Socio-Cultural Sustainabilitydevelopment and growth: Sustainable Urbanism, Education, Human Development, Psychology, Sociology, Rural Development, Inclusive growth, Corporate Responsibility