WAVES 2018

Jovial  smiles  and  high  spirit  marked  the  welcome  party.  Waves is a Joyous welcome party thrown by Senior batch to freshers. The event comprises  of  Grand  event  of  Ms.  Freshers  and  Mr.  Freshers, accompanied by Individual dance performance, Song and Rock Band. It's truly a joy of Waves among the students.

Faculty of Management Studies, Ganpat  University celebrated “Waves 2018”  –  Fresher’s Party on 17th of August 2018. With Pulsating ambience, flashing lights and foot taping music, the party began with blast. To  pass  on  the  baton  of  freshness  students  of  senior  batch  organized  the  event.  The  event consisted of fashion show in which all the students have participated enthusiastically  and sizzled the ramp with excited theme of “Jazzy”. Panel of the judges selected Mr. and Ms. Fresher’s for CMSR. The awards were declared in different categories like Mr.  and Miss fresher and Best Theme Dress-  Male and Female.

Centre for Management Studies and Research, Ganpat University
Friday, August 17, 2018