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Why Hospital Management?

Healthcare sector of India is one of the fastest growing sectors due to increasing ageing population, lifestyle related diseases, increasing awareness for health and preventive treatments, greater penetration of health insurance and increasing medical tourism. The government of India aims to develop the country as a global hub for healthcare and medical tourism. Demand of healthcare services is also expected to grow in future because of There is ample opportunities for employment in healthcare sector. Translating the patient’s need and expectation into actual service offering is one of the ways to make hospital services more responsive to patient’s need.

Shalby Academy-A unit of Shalby: Skilling & Up skilling Healthcare Aspirants and Professionals

Shalby Academy is a Unit of Shalby Limited, Headquartered at Ahmedabad, set-up and licensed to conduct various skilling, up- skilling Certificate and Diploma Programs in  11 clinical training centers across the country. Shalby Academy offers a wide range of Clinical & Non- clinical certificate courses that will upgrade clinical, management & leadership skills of healthcare professionals. The clinical courses are exclusively designed by doctors for doctor fraternity, whereas, the non- clinical courses are designed by the industry experts from leading Universities. Currently academy offer over 75 courses, which are being pursued by 1000, plus active learners and the course are accredited by leading education partners from India in. Shalby Academy aims at continually improving the healthcare quality delivery in India by providing “industry-ready” education and training including On the Job Training to various strata of the healthcare ecosystem.

Course Description:

This courses offer resources for both new and seasoned leaders to become more adept at inspiring and guiding teams, improving administration, and effectively managing hospital healthcare systems, public health institutions, and other medical facilities. This course provides adequate skills and knowledge on clinical and service departmental administrative operations.

The course is designed to cater need of  healthcare industry through series of fundamental management classes covering subjects such as healthcare analytics, marketing management, strategic management and business development, Hospital operations management, quality and accreditation management, Hospital financing and accounting etc.. To sharpen critical thinking and analytical skills hands -on live project opportunities will be offer to candidate with hospital partner Shalby across various locations in India.

Course Objectives

The programme is designed to upgrade the strategic approach of compatible professional with integrated managerial skill which enables them to improve their efficiency in managing hospital operations.  It aims to ameliorate the critical decision-making and problem solving technique among the professionals with innovative management aspects.

Value Propositions of Program:

·         Industry focused global curriculum

·         Skilled based module pattern and sessions

·         Research oriented education

·         Outcome based education

·         Case study based learning

·         Industry focused seminar /symposium/workshop

·         Hands on experience and experimental learning through experts of Shalby hospitals across India

·         Real time exposure through impression project and Capstone project at Shalby Hospitals

Teaching Pedagogy

Class room teaching, industry expert sessions, Case Study, Lectures, field work, On the Job training, Video-based discussions, problem solving research through projects and Role play are used to impart knowledge.

Real Time Exposure

3 full days in each subject will be devoted for real time exposure at different departments of Shalby Hospitals. Objective behind this is to get real time exposure to relate theoretical aspects with actual industry practice.

Impression Project and Capstone Project

The purpose of this course is to enable the students to conduct in-depth research/study in their specific area of interest. An individual/group consisting of two to three students will identify the issue in Hospital industry and will prepare detailed synopsis of the research project. The project may be based on primary data or secondary data depending upon the nature of the topic and the research design.

Industry Expert Session

In each subject industry expert will be invited to discuss real time practices in that particular subject to acquaint students for application of different management approaches in Industry.

Future career Prospects:

Medical and Health Service Managers

Hospital Administrators

Medical Director

Hospital Supply Chain Manager

International Business Development Manager

Purchase and Inventory Manager

Healthcare Finance Managers

Hospital Quality and Accreditation manager

Corporate Relationship manager- Hospital Industry

Clinical Statistician

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