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 Agriculture being a core sector of Indian economy requires major attention in terms of management education.  In spite of rapid industrialization and urbanization of Indian Society,  the  fact  is,  Agriculture  still  dominates  the contribution  to  GDP . Any  initiative  done  in  betterment  of Agriculture  sector   can  contribute  to  the  nation’s development. 

With this objective we initiated Agribusiness program at Postgraduate level and later, as MBA (Agribusiness).  The  program  deals  with  basic  subjects  of Management in  initial  phase  and  adds  value  by  imparting knowledge in areas like food processing, micro finance and commodity exchange and Agriculture input Marketing. Our endeavor  is  to  provide  latest  tools  and  information  to  our student  so  that  we  can  make  them  future  ready  whether they  take  up  employment  or  entrepreneurship.  We offer dual specialization in Agri-Marketing and Agri- Finance to equip our student in all aspect of Agribusiness.

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