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MBA - International Business

Dealing  with  the  micro  aspects  of  business,  we  have realized  that  business  practices  are  influenced  by  many parameters  like  culture,  country,  religion,  education, political,  economical  and  sociological  environment.  That has encouraged us to initiate the specialized program on international business.  We  have  realized  that  international business  is  far  away  from  just  conventional  “Buying  and Selling” or financing. Each and every aspect is dynamic and needs greater learning.  Cross  functionality , cross  cultural approach,  global  trade  practices  are  the  area  which requires  deep  study .  It  is  our endeavor  to  sharpen  our student  by  giving  fair  exposure  in  all  such  areas  so  that they  can  take  up future  challenges.  We appreciate the role of communication in international business hence our curriculum also include study of foreign language.

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