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For more than a decade, medicine and healthcare industry has seen growth in leaps and bounds. With sharp  increase in  lifestyle  disease,  R&D,  global  alliances  and  strong backward  support   from  Chemical   Industry,   Indian Pharmaceutical Industry has marked its footprint on Global map. Gujarat, a major hub of Pharmaceutical Industry that contributes more than 40 percentage in terms of production,  value  and  exports,  plays  key  role  in  worldwide pharmaceutical  business. 

Ganpat University offers  MBA Pharmaceuticals  program,  a  two  year  full  time  program with dual specialization  in  Pharma-Marketing and Pharma-Operation.  Through this program we are aiming to minimize  the  talent  crunch  and  offer  the  right  kind  of manpower  for  the  industry .  Our curriculum includes two month  summer internship.  The syllabus mentioned here will give you idea about our teaching contents.

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