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The Centre for Management Studies and Research, Ganpat University is dedicated to develop and administer management courses to prepare management professionals to meet requirements of industry, viz, Agribusiness, Pharmaceuticals, Financial services, International Business etc. with the approval of Faculty of Management Studies, the Centre offers autonomous programs of Ganpat University in the area of Management. The Centre offers Bachelor and Master Programs in upcoming fields of Management. The Centre has full-time faculty for conducting program syllabus along with inputs by visiting and guest faculty from leading academic institutions and industry on continuous basis.
The Centre for Management Studies and Research was established with the aim of fine-tuning the academic curriculum to meet the ever dynamic requirements of the industry and facilitate knowledge sharing between the two. The centre aims at organizing various collaborative programs to systematize and catalyze the various joint activities between Industry and the Institute.
To promote the Industry-Industry Interaction following initiatives are being undertaken:
  • To offer industrial meets and to continue interaction with the industry in terms of both intellectual capital as also access to their resources.
  • To create a platform for interaction with industry for offered programmes but also for the entire University set-up to do liaison for overall improvement of all the courses and making students industry-ready. This encourages the Research Work facilitation.
  • To create a facility for organizing different meetings of the University involving external experts at a convenient location.
  • For offering Executive Development Programs/Training Programs as also conduct of Placement activity at a convenient location.
  • Organizing workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the faculty and the industries.
  • Inviting visiting faculties from industry for specialized electives.


The corporate culture has undergone various changes in the last few decades. Due to emerging competition, shift in economy and various other factors organizations have experienced major changes and breakthroughs at regular time interval. Due to this the functioning if the organization had to be changed and so had to change the managerial competencies required to survive in the current globalized businesses. By keeping this in mind Industry Interface Centre an unique initiative taken by Ganpat University helps to provide industries with the manager having different skill set essential as per their industry requirements by offering various Industry Specific degrees in various sectors like Pharmaceuticals one of the leading industries of Gujarat, Agribusiness which caters the major part of Indian Economy, Financial Services the backbone of the various financial markets, International Business to cater the need of the globalized organization and Media & Entertainment one of the emerging industry of Gujarat.
By providing Industry Specific Courses Centre tries to inculcate in the students the various skill set required for the specific industry of their interest in addition to the basic managerial and technical skill set required to survive in the organization.
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