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Management education today is most dynamic  and  vibrant  among different  fields  of  Academics.  The  challenges  brewing  from  hyper competition  with  rapid  advances  in  technology,  processes  and  systems, innovative  management  practices,  changing  tastes  and  preferences  of consumers  and  world  becoming  global  village,  has  put  tremendous responsibility  on  the  shoulder  of  B-schools  to  prepare  multiple  skilled personalities who can deliver precision with speed.

A Management graduate has to be a great team player yet independent minded, a creative thinker who can analyse and act on data, a strategist, a tactician, a communicator and a born networker all-in-one! Management graduates have to be capable of applying both ‘left’ and ‘right’ brain thinking.

They need to have a wider understanding of the needs of business and develop the necessary skills to drive forward the management agenda in alignment with the organization’s broader vision. Since inception, the Centre’s curriculum has given students the tools they need to succeed by providing education that is based on relevant knowledge and rewarding partnerships.

Ganpat University Centre for Management Studies and Research has taken steps forward to leave no stone unturned to  develop  and  prepare  management students  for  such    challenges.  The Centre has initiated industry focused programs to prepare management talent for the said industries keeping in purview their unique requirement of skill sets in the fields of Agribusiness, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services and International Business three years ago.

Industry 4.0 has noticed a huge the demand of the professionals who can manage the Data, analyze the Data and Interpret the Data leads to strategic decision making. The industrial transection has become more customized on Digital Platform. Keeping the eyes on fast growing industrial need to provide the best career opportunity to young professionals the Centre has launched two more Niche specialization in the basket i.e. MBA in Business Analytics and MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

The Centre ensures to satisfy corporate need by providing quality teaching in every possible area:  curriculum, faculty, industry interface, research, infrastructure facilities,  and organization of  various student and faculty  events. The sole purpose is to achieve total quality standards for education with a philosophy of continuous improvements.

Industry focused Master of Business Administration programs accomplish this by continually evaluating and striving to meet the needs of the industry and society it serves. A rigorous curriculum allows graduates from any discipline to develop the skills and knowledge most appropriate to their own career paths.

“Development is always on forefront and here we do not just focus on academic development but on a 360-degree development.”

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