GCeMP 2K19

 Faculty of Management Studies, Ganpat University

International Conference on Emerging Perspectives, Practices and Research Trends on

“Sustainable Development and Growth”

Date: 4 - 5 January, 2019


With the objective of creating a platform for a healthy exchange of research work and development of ideas on emerging issues in management, Faculty of Management Studies, Ganpat University, organizes Ganpat University International Conference in Management every year. GCeMP2K19 was the Eleventh in the series organized in association with Ganpat University Centre for Advance Research and GEDA- Gujarat Energy Development Agency, Proquest, Prozel Infra, Esco group of Companies and Webial Technology and the theme this year was Sustainable Development and Growth.

GCeMP 2k19 received overwhelming response from various spheres. 67 research papers and 10 doctoral thesis from different institutes from all over the country had registered for GCeMP 2k19.The conference was divided into three segments: Empirical research paper presentation tracks, Conceptual papers / Case study presentation tracks and Doctoral thesis presentation tracks

The conference was inaugurated in gracious presence of Padmashree Dr. Vijaykumar Shah - eminent social Activist for Sustainable livelihood in Maharashtra and Padmashree Mr. Kartikeya Sarabhai- Founder and Director, Centre for Environment Education as Chief Guests, Mr P H Rana- Director, Gujarat Power Corporation Ltd as Special Guest, Shree Ganpatbhai Patel- President Ganpat University, Dr. Mahendra Sharma- Director General, Ganpat University, Dr. B.S.Dave- Adjunct Professor GNU-Faculty of Management Studies and Dr. Maurvi Vasavada- Chairperson, CMSR in GCeMP2K19. During the Opening Ceremony Shree Ganpatbhai Patel highlighted the importance adaptation of sustainable methodology in every field for social upliftment. Dr. MahendraShrama profoundly introduced the approaches the University has implemented to promote and create the sustainable environment. With evidential efforts of Ganpat University taking towards the sustainable social upliftment, Dr. Vijaykumar Shah nominated Shree Ganpatbhai Patel for the “Mahatma Gandhi Award” by Gandhi foundation USA. Mr. Rana in his speech briefed about the importance of energy conservation for the generations to come. Dr. Kartikeya Sarabhai delivered the Key note address and very interestingly integrated the generation succession and technology advancements. He also explained the concept of leapfrog generation who had grown up with technology growth and somewhat become insensitive to the environmental sustainability. Dr. Vijaykumar Shah later on addressed the audience and described the work he is doing for sustainable development in rural area of Sangli, Maharashta. Dr B. S. Dave briefed on Management of Hazardous Waste for Sustainable Growth and Development.

After the grand knowledge Marathon of two days, the conference validated in the gracious presence of MrSharvil Pathak- VP, Brand building, Intas Pharmaceuticals and Mr Manan Thakkar, Director Prozeal Infra the Awards were declared in each category.

This year the Conference was prefixed by a Two days’ cohesive workshop on “How to write research paper and use the data analytical tools for research paper” was organized to provide a hands on guidance to the fresher’s, research scholars, students and industry professionals. The workshop conducted by DrSapanaParashar, Chairperson BBA and MBA program, Nirma University, DrVivek Bhatt, Associate Professor, Amrut Modi Institute of Business Management, Ahmedabad University and Dr. JaeyshAagja, Associate Professor, Institute of Management, Nirma University.  The paper prepared during the workshop were also being presented during the conference. The conference had a great success in its own with completely dedicated team of FMS.





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