Grooming Guidelines

In present situations, the job markets for Fresher are very competitive in each field of management. As a result, the companies are hiring the Freshers having well management knowledge with enough smart and well groomed. So, the management students should have those special skills besides strong technical expertise to crack the jobs. Lets put in practice the most common know –hows : 


  1. Smoking, Gutkha and Pan masala is a strict no-no.
  2. Avoid eating candies and chewing gum.
  3. Avoid huge tattoos on the exposed skin. In case of one, wear clothes that cover your tattoo.
  4. Make sure your appearance reveals your professionalism, your level of sophistication and the standard of services one can expect from you.
  5. Do not use any hair color flouting the professional in you.
  6. Opt for simple glasses. Avoid neon and flashy frames.
  7. No Low waist jeans and very short T - Shirt or T - Shirts are not allowed. 


  1. Hair to be trimmed regularly.
  2. Clean the hair off your ears and neck.
  3. Trim nails and eyebrows and nose hair.
  4. Be clean shaven. In case you are sporting a beard, keep it well trimmed and set. Use good beard products to maintain facial hair. Moustaches to be trimmed perfectly.
  5. Avoid funky shirts. Basics, solids, checks, stripes preferred. When opting for a printed one, pick the ones with only one or two colors and minimalistic prints.
  6. Go for plain, crisp trousers. Avoid pleated ones if they are ill-fitted. Ensure length of the trouser tailored for you.
  7. Collars to be starched and crisply ironed. Only collar buttons should be open. 
  8. Preferably Full - Sleeves shirts, Plain stripes or checks are allowed.
  9. All clothes to be strictly pressed and ensured crease-free before wearing.
  10. Match the color of your belt to your shoes. 
  11. Similarly your tie and shirt should complement each other. Opt for a light colored shirt when wearing a bright hued tie.
  12. Invest in the right pair of formal shoes. Shoes to be well polished.
  13. Socks should complement shoes. Do not wear very gaudy and funky socks. Prefer basics. They should be mid-calf length.
  14. No accessories except an elegant watch.
  15. Have your clothes tailored to fit your body.
  16. Chains and pendants and bracelets to be avoided or hidden inside clothing.
  17. Keep any added stuff like raincoats, umbrellas, winter jackets, caps, hats, sunglasses, etc. outside the premises.


  1. Western or Indian Formals to be worn (Formal shirts with Trousers, Elegant Silk / cotton  Kurta with a Churidar or a Trouser,  Elegant Silk/ Cotton Sarees can be worn  (SALWAR/ PALAZZO IS A STRICT NO), Knee length to Full length Formal Skirts with a formal shirt , Knee length to Full Length formal dress, Full length Trouser cut Formal Jump suits with sleeves or Blazers can be worn. Never wear synthetics, rayon and artificial fabrics.
  2. Wear clothes in bold and basic colors. Try to minimalize the prints. Be as simple and confident as possible.
  3. Avoid any kind of gaudy dresses. Stick to solids and bolds.
  4. Scarves/Blazers/Waist coats can be worn to complement western attire.
  5. No Deep neck/backless or too much skin show and no zari work.
  6. Any dress/ pants to be hemmed enough not to drag on the floor.
  7. Jewelry should be elegant and must go along with the attire worn. However, it is strongly recommended to keep it minimal. Wear a good elegant watch. It adds to the personality.
  8. Make up can be worn to add appeal to your personality.
  9. Nails to be filed and cleaned. Nail paints can be applied for a more presentable look on a short length but is must for long nails. Preferably pastel shades of nail paints.
  10. Hair to be brushed and neatly tied up in a Bun, French Roll, French knot, French plait, Fish tail plait or Pony tail. If hair is left loose, it should be perfectly conditioned and set or else it should be pinned up nicely. No fancy pins. Black band, black or metal tic-tac clips or bobby pins preferred.
  11. Always be neat and clean including your teeth, fingernails, face, hair and even your shoes.
  12. Formal shoes should be worn. At no point of time your toes should be visible.






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