MBA Business Analytics Powered by SAS Syllabus

Semester I
IA01MPO - Management Principles and Organizational Behaviour
IAO2QST - Quantitative and Statistical concepts for Managers
IA03FCP - Fundamentals of Computer Programming and Networking
IA04FMS - Financial Management and Statement Analysis
IA05MMA - Marketing Management and Analytics
IA06PFA1 - Programming for Analytics 1*(SAS Subject)
IA07BMS - Business Modeling With Spreadsheet
Semester II
IIA01PFA-II - Programming for Analytics – II (SAS Subject)
IIA02RMM - Research Methodology in Management
IIA03VBA - Visual Business Analytics (SAS Subject)
IIA04DIM - Data Integration for Managers (SAS Subject)
IIA05DMS - Data Base Management Systems
IIA06HRF - HR for Managers
IIA07ART - Advance Research Techniques 

Semester III
IIIA01SMA - Strategic Management
IIIA02MLM - Machine Learning for Managers* (SAS Subject)
IIIA03BAU - Business Analytics Using R and Python
IIIA04DAM - Data Mining and Data Warehousing
IIIA05DBM - Digital Marketing and Brand Management
IIIA06AHR - Analytics for HR
IIIB07PAB- Personality and Aptitude Building for Managers
IIIB08IIP- Industry Internship Project
IIIA09BEA - Behavioural Analytics 
Semester IV
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