MBA Pharmaceuticals Syllabus

With Effect From - JUNE- 2010
Semester I
IA01POM- Principles of Management
IA02QTM- Quantitative Techniques in Management
IA03MEC- Managerial Economics
IA04MAC- Managerial Accounting
IA05OBE- Organizational Behaviour
IA06MCO- Managerial Communication
IB08CEL- Communicative English Laboratory –I
Semester II
IIA01BEN- Business Environment
IIA02CMA- Cost and Management Accounting
IIA03MMA- Marketing Management
IIA04FMA- Financial Management
IIA05POM- Production and Operations Management
IIA06HRM- Human Resource Management
IIA07BRM- Business Research Methodology
IIB08CEL- Communicative English Laboratory – II

Semester III

IIIA01SMP- Strategic Management in Pharmaceutical

IIIA02MIS- Pharmaceutical Management Information System

IIIA03APP- Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology

IIIA04LAP- Legal Aspects of Pharmaceutical Business

IIIA05PMM- Pharmaceutical Multinational Management
IIIB06PGL- Personality Growth Lab-I
Operations Management  Electives

IIIA07MPC- Manufacturing Planning and Control*

IIIA08SCM- Supply Chain Management

IIIA09QMA- Quality Management
Marketing Electives

IIIA07SDM- Sales and Distribution Management*

IIIA08IMA- Industrial Marketing

IIIA09CBE- Consumer Behaviour


Semester IV
IVA01EMI- Entrepreneurship and Management of Innovations
IVA02MCS- Management Control Systems

IVA03CGB- Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

IVA04AHR- Pharmaceutical Advance Human Resource Management

IVA05PMR- Pharmaceutical Management Research Project
IVB06PGL- Personality Growth Lab-II
Operations Management Electives
IVA07SOM- Service Operations Management*
IVA08PPC- Project Planning and Control
IVA09MPA- Management of Physical Assets
Marketing Electives

IVA07SMB- Strategic Marketing and Brand Management*

IVA08SMA- Services Marketing

IVA09IMC- Integrated Marketing Communications

With Effect From - JUNE- 2020 (*Revised)
Semester I
IA01MPO- Management Principles and Organizational Behaviour
IAO2ACM- Accounting and Costing for Managers
IA03MAE- Managerial Economics
IA04FMS- Financial Management and Statement Analysis
IA05MAM- Marketing Management
IA06CEG- Corporate Ethics and Governance
IA07MAC- Managerial Communication
IB08SSM- Soft Skills and Critical Thinking for Managers
Semester II
IIA01GBE- Global Business Environment
IIA02RMM- Research Methodology in Management
IIA03ENV- Entrepreneurship and New Venture Planning
IIA04DAB- Data Analytics for Business
IIA05EMA- Environment Management and Sustainable Development
IIA06HRM- Human Resources Management
IIA07POM- Production and Operations Management
IIB08CSM- Computer Skills for Managers

Semester III 


IIIA01SMA- Strategic Management
IIIA02GMM- Global Marketing Management
IIIA03SCM- Supply Chain Management for Pharmaceutical
IIIB07PAB- Personality and Aptitude Building for Managers
IIIB08IIP- Industry Internship Project
IIIB09FOR- Foreign Language
Operations Management Electives
IIIA04PVM- Purchasing and Vendor Management (O)#
IIIA05PMA- Project Management (O)#
IIIA06QMP- Quality Management for Pharmaceuticals (O)#
Marketing Electives
IIIIA04COB- Consumer Behaviour (M)*
IIIA05DIM- Digital Marketing and Brand Management (M)*
IIIA06SSM- Sales and Services Management (M)*



Semester IV 


IVA01MCS- Management Control Systems
IVA02HSM- Healthcare Services Management (M)*
IVA02RDA- R & D and Technology Management (O)#
IVA03LRA- Legal Aspects & Regulatory Affairs
IV04EPH- Epidemiology and Public Health Management
IVB05CAP- Capstone Project
IVB06DRM- Disater and Risk Management
IVB06IPR-Intellectual Property Rights
IVB06PUB- Publication Practices
IVB06WOR- Working Capital for Mabager
IVB06RFM- Retail Managemenr


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