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Language is vital as it is the basic means of communication. If we are unable to speak the language of a place, it becomes difficult to communicate with people and nowadays English is the need of the hour as it has emerged as a universal language. So English speaking has become an absolute necessity. Nowadays business have become global so the need for global managers arises, so moving in line with this we at Centre For Management Studies put a greater emphasis on making the students well versed with English as a language by providing them English Communicative Laboratory for the students of Semester I & Semester II which in turn enhances their communication skills and helps them to build the proper base for developing the various managerial expertise.
Excellent communication power leads to a confident personality, and confident personality in turn helps an individual to be “Job- Fit” as well as “Organization- Fit”, hence in order to cater this need we also provide Personality Growth lab for the students of Semester III & Semester IV which in turn helps them to groom the diverse skill set required to be the successful manager as per the need of the hour. This involves identification and re-identification of a self in both space and time making allowances for the situational dynamics under the pressure of formal and structural changes in society and Government from time to time. Hence, personality of an individual is not a mask but an expressive face that changes contours and eye-focus, redefining the individual’s vision of reality. This flexibility of response to his space time is reflected in the individuals’ choice of words, gestures, expressions and particularly in the rhythm of his speech, action or/and writing, also in his inter personal relationship. Therefore the module is seminal to a personality, which believes in goal-setting and accomplishment without any interference from his private and personal space-time.
Under this special module to churn the professional skills of growing managers, the workshops are being conducted on the topics like, Mind Power Management, Assertive Skills, Positive Attitude, Time Management ,  Public Speaking, Interpersonal Effectiveness,  Resume & Interview Facing Skills, Interview facing, Panel discussion-monitored / anchored , Group discussions with a leader or controlling authority, Open forum-discussions, Presentations at a Seminar / AGM etc. 
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