Syllabus (MBA Start-up & Entrepreneurship)

 Semester - I


 IA01MPO - Management Principles and Organizational Behavior

        IAO2ACM - Accounting and Costing For Managers

        IA03MAE - Managerial Economics

        IA04FMS - Financial Management and Statement Analysis

        IA05MAM - Marketing Management

        IA06CEG - Corporate Ethics and Governance

        IA07MAC - Managerial Communication

        IB08SSM - Soft Skills and Critical Thinking For Managers


        Semester - II

        IIA01GBE - Global Business Environment

        IIA02RMM - Research Methodology in Management

        IIA03ENV - Entrepreneurship and New Venture Planning

        IIA04DAB - Data Analytics for Business

        IIA05EMA - Environment Management And Sustainable Development

        IIA06HRM - Human Resources Management

        IIA07POM - Production and Operation Management

         IIB08CSM - Computer Skills For Managers

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