WAVES 2019

Jovial  smiles  and  high  spirit  marked  the  welcome  party.  Waves is a Joyous welcome party thrown by Senior batch to freshers. The event comprises  of  Grand  event  of  Ms.  Freshers  and  Mr.  Freshers, accompanied by Individual dance performance, Song and Rock Band. It's truly a joy of Waves among the students.

Centre for Management Studies and Research, Ganpat  University celebrated “Waves 2019”  –  Fresher’s Party on 29th of August 2019.

With Pulsating ambience, flashing lights and foot taping music, the party began with blast. To  pass  on  the  baton  of  freshness  students  of  senior  batch  organized  the  event.  With the trendiest clothes and heart throbbing dance floor, the party was a fabulous way to kick start the academic year for the students. Dance performances filled up energy in the air. The students were all ears for a medley of some golden and timeless songs.

The performances gave way to the ramp walk session by the freshers. What an amazing sight it was to see all the freshers walk with poise in style! This was followed by the talent round, where students showcased their flair. Finally, the winners were announced - Mr. Fresher: Kushal, Miss Fresher: Rutvi Parekh, Mr. Fresher Runner-up: Siddhant, Miss Fresher Runner-up: Zeel Thakkar. Hirakshi Chawla was adjudged Miss Attitude, Manthan won the title of Mr. Attitude and Dhruv Muliya was Mr. Talented.


Centre for Management Studies and Research, Ganpat University
Sunday, September 29, 2019
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